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Jack Ryan

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I am originally from Hinsdale, a small suburb west of Chicago. At Notre Dame, I am an active member of the ACM Computer Club and the Bengal Bouts boxing club. I am spending my summer in Boston as a Software Development Engineer Intern for Amazon Robotics.

I generally spend my free time reading interesting answers on Quora, reading HackerNews, and answering questions on StackOverflow. I am almost always enrolled in a course on Udacity, and I am currently enrolled in a Data Science course on Coursera. I have also become an avid Game of Thrones follower and can never seem to get over those frustrating season finales. When I am not sitting at my computer, I am often spending time with friends and family, playing basketball at the local rec center, or hiking.

My focus lies in Web and Android development, although I am always open to exploring new ideas. Any time I get to experiment with a new JavaScript framework, Android SDK, or any other situation where I can put my coding knowledge to the test, I am excited and ready for the challenge. Above all else, I am eager to continue learning in order to make a substantial difference in this world of constant innovation.


  • Spring 2015

    Android PHR

    Worked alongside a graphic designer and a back-end team to develop the Android Personal Health Records app for Notre Dame. The application calls a REST service to send and retrieve measurable data, as well as to register and authenticate new users.

  • Spring 2015

    Tower Defense

    For our final project in Fundamentals of Computing II, my group members and I developed a Tower Defense game in C++, using the SDL/SDL2 graphics library. The program was tested with Valgrind semi-regularly to maintain efficient memory management. You can check out the code on my GitHub and play it as well via the instructions in the readme file.

  • Summer 2015

    Customer Support Tool

    As a Software Engineering Intern at TransUnion, I worked in a team to develop the new Customer Support Tool. I designed and developed the front-end via the ExtJS framework, as well as filtered and analyzed data from the back-end in Java.

  • Fall 2015

    Personal Portfolio

    During the first few weeks of my Junior year at Notre Dame, I developed this personal website using Twitter Bootstrap for responsive design, as well as Animate.css for some easy animations. This replaces my old website, created using the WordPress CMS.

  • Spring 2016


    Built a web application called GitAnalyzed at SpartaHack and won an award for "Best Hack to Solve a Business Problem." The app was developed on the MEAN stack through Heroku.

  • Summer 2016

    Amazon Robotics

    As an intern for Amazon Robotics in North Reading, MA, I worked on the ARMobile team. I built a new localization Java service and added new features to an existing internal Android application.

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